What is Neuromodulation?

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Neuromodulation is a treatment type that directly alters pain signals. It is the modulation, or alteration, of nerve activity by delivering electrical currents to modify pain signals. These devices are life changing for individuals living with chronic pain. They affect all areas of the body were pain lingers.

While there are a number of neuromodulation applications: stimulation for pelvic disorders, incontinence, angina, and peripheral vascular disease; the most common purpose for stimulation is chronic pain. Persistent severe neuropathic pain found in patients can cause a vast amount of recurring pain. For those that suffer from this type of pain, nuerostimulation is a common source of pain relief.


At Metropolitan Pain Consultants, we offer state of the art spinal cord stimulation (SCS) and BurstDR stimulation. Both of these proven systems utilize a low-voltage electrical current which passes from the generator to the spinal cord.

Nuerostimulation provides pain relief by essentially outsmarting your pain. It offers relief by disrupting the pain signals traveling between the spinal cord and the brain. Moreover, as you change positions, pain can move and intensify. Using the handheld programmer, you can adjust the strength of stimulation to address these changes.

Spinal cord stimulation has been present since the 1960s and has become highly effective in the treatment of pain as of late. A device consisting of electrical leads, remote programmer, and implanted battery, delivers electrical currents. It can often lead to pain relief without the need of dangerous pain medications. Considering that pain medications are a poor form of pain management, when available, we try to utilize as many other treatment options as possible.

Stimulators are a proven safe and effective therapeutic approach for managing chronic pain in the limbs, neck and back. This may come from failed back syndrome or other neuropathic conditions like diabetic neuropathy.

About the Nuerostimulation System:

There are several components to an implanted nuerostimulation device:

  • Neurostimulator – The device that generates the electrical impulses (placed under the skin in your abdomen or upper buttock)
  • Leads – Thin, insulated medical wires that deliver electrical pulses to the epidural space near the spine
  • Patient’s programmer – A handheld device you can use after you leave the doctor’s office to customize the stimulation (within the settings your doctor has selected)

The neurostimulation system does not make any noise. It may be felt as a small bump under your skin, but does not normally show through your clothes.

Neuromodulation Advantages:

The main advantage of neuromodulation is the ability to treat pain without relying on medications. The side effects are also minimal in comparison to pain medications. Some other great advantages are the following:

  • SCS and BurstDR are temporary and can be removed at any time
  • Since it is temporary you can try the system without making a long-term commitment
  • There are screening trials available to patients
  • Spinal cord stimulators target the precise area where you are feeling pain instead of targeting the whole body
  • Stimulators can be adjusted to address pain shifts throughout the day
  • A neurostimulator may provide relief when other treatments – like medications or injections – have not

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