Healing Acceleration Thru PRP

Dr. Richard Kang of Metropolitan Pain Consultants explains how healing acceleration from Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy promotes faster injury recovery. In this video interview, Dr. Kang introduces the history of PRP and how it has benefited surgery patients for decades. He shares why Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy is becoming more popular these days, how research is demonstrating the healing potential of PRP for new applications, and which celebrity athletes have already begun using PRP to accelerate their own injury healing process. Read More

Spinal Cord Stimulation Benefits Video

Dr Shelly Sharma of Metropolitan Pain Consultants presents to an audience of physicians on the topic of Spinal Cord Stimulation and its benefits for Pain Management Spinal Cord Stimulation Can Aid in Pain Management In this video, Dr Shelly Sharma explains the benefits of Spinal Cord Stimulation to aid in Pain Management, by covering Better understanding of chronic pain Available treatments for chronic pain Understanding of spinal cord stimulation For more information about Spinal Cord Stimulation benefits and how it can treat your pain, contact Metropolitan Pain Consultants at (201) 729-001.  Read More

About Metropolitan Pain Consultants

Interventional pain management can help patients suffering from all types of pain, such as disc herniation or nerve disorders. Differing from neurologists or chiropractors, Dr. Kang and Dr. Desai both have fellowship training in pain management. In this video, Dr. Kang explains how interventional pain management is the intermediary between conservative and minimally invasive spine surgery. Read More

Lumbar Epidural Cortisone Injection

Dr. Kang performs a lumbar epidural steroid injection (L-ESI) on a patient. After sterilizing the injection site, Dr. Kang uses live x-ray guidance to accurately locate the disc herniation in the patient’s lower back. Then, local anesthetic is applied to numb the area and Dr. Read More

Dr. Richard Kang Discusses Treatments

Interventional pain management encompasses a wide range of modalities. Managing pain to help patients resume their daily activities. In this video, Dr. Richard Kang discusses how the goal of pain management is to improve patients’ quality of life and the therapies that he incorporates to help patients. Read More

Benefits of fluoroscopy pain management

In the past, pain management procedures would typically be done “blindly” or without fluoroscopy.  Dr. Kang explains the benefits of fluoroscopy guidance for procedures, which he uses for accuracy in positioning needles and injecting medication. Metropolitan Pain Consultants specializes in reducing and eliminating pain for our patients to help restore their ability to work and live as they desire. Read More