Spinal Drug Pump

A spinal drug pump, or intrathecal pump, can help provide relief from chronic pain in patients who need sustained pain management. Spinal pumps are programmable devices that deliver a measured and safe drug dose to meet the patient’s daily needs for pain management. Unlike oral pain medication that takes time to take effect, an intrathecal drug pump bypasses the gastrointestinal system and delivers medication into the cerebrospinal fluid. The brain and spinal cord float in the cerebrospinal fluid. In this way, pain relief is longer-lasting and better regulated.

The success of pain management using a spinal pump depends on careful patient selection and a successful trial. Careful patient selection is important to a successful outcome and may include a psychological evaluation, as a spinal pump is not suitable treatment for all chronic pain patients. Patient selection depends on whether non-operative pain management procedures have failed, surgery is not an option, surgery is not expected to improve pain, spine surgery has failed and the patient is addiction free.

The system includes a programmable battery-powered pump, intraspinal catheter, and remote programming device. Most pumps resemble a hockey puck (or smaller) and have an access port that attaches to the catheter. Catheters are flexible and deliver medication from the pump to the spine.

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