Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

Peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) may be considered if neuralgia (SON or ION) cannot be otherwise controlled or managed. PNS involves implanting a small low-level electrical stimulator beneath the skin which is used in blocking pain signals to the brain.

How is Peripheral Nerve Stimulation Performed?

PNS is a technique in which electrodes are placed along the course of peripheral nerves to control pain. Columbia University Medical Center said of the procedure: “These devices are an extremely safe, efficient, and effective way to ameliorate a variety of severe neuropathic pain conditions.”

After the electrodes are in place, a doctor will turn them on to administer a slight electrical current to the nerve. The patient will actually experience a pleasant tingling sensation where the electrodes were placed. The electrical current, by stimulating the sensory pathway, is able to trick the brain into turning off painful signals. Pain relief occurs shortly after. After the electrodes secure the sensory pathway, most patients are then able to reduce or discontinue their pain medications.

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