Mild Decompression Procedure

The mild decompression procedure for spinal stenosis is a safe, therapeutic option to relieve pressure on the spine. This procedure aims to reduce lower back and leg pain, meanwhile to increase mobility for those patients diagnosed with lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS). Symptoms include numbness in your legs, or a “pins and needles” sensation when active. The spinal cord, which is a bunch of nerve tissues that connect from your brain to your lower body, is enclosed by the spinal canal. Usually, there is enough space between the spinal cord and the spinal canal for the nerves are able to flow and exit through without interruption. As the body ages, ligaments and bones outside the spinal canal may thicken, causing the spinal canal to narrow. As a result, nerve tissues become compressed, causing pain and/or numbness; this is known as spinal stenosis, or lumbar spinal stenosis for the lower back.

How is Mild Decompression Procedure Performed?

The mild decompression procedure is non-invasive. A mechanical traction device is image-guided with a live x-ray, known as fluoroscopy, to control the force and angle of disc distraction. The procedure’s goal is to restore space in order to relieve pressure on nerves in the spinal canal, while maintaining the natural supporting structure of bone and muscle in the spine. This structural stability is accomplished by locating and removing only those portions of tissue and bone that compress the spinal nerves and cause pain. The procedure is performed using a local anesthetic with conscious sedation and takes about 1 hour.

What should be expected?

This is an out-patient pain relief procedure and patients are able to return to their typical routine within a few days. The treatment is low-risk and has low complication rates, with a very quick recovery rate. Rehabilitation following the mild spinal stenosis treatment is also usually much faster and easier than that of open surgical procedures.

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