Knee Surgery Evaluation and Alternatives

Knee SurgeryShould I Have Knee Surgery?

According to a recent article in Health Magazine, “arthroscopic surgery to relieve chronic knee pain in middle-aged and older patients is only temporarily effective and might be harmful.” Researches reviewed 18 studies of arthroscopic knee surgery and came to the consensus that the procedure, as a treatment for arthritis pain or a torn meniscus, had very little effect on the root problem. Their report recommended against the procedure.

In 2015, Jadeveon Clowney, the Houston Texans’ star linebacker, underwent arthroscopic knee surgery and it failed him. The pain and swelling in his knee got to the point where he had to undergo a second surgery to alleviate the issues caused by his initial surgery. However, there may have been a way for him to avoid knee surgery all together.

Are There Knee Surgery Alternatives?

Yes. While arthroscopic knee surgery may not help alleviate osteoarthritis or a torn meniscus, there are other alternatives to improve these conditions. At Metropolitan Pain Consultants, we specialize in two non-surgical methods to treat and heal osteoarthritis and tendon tears.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC) injections are a regenerative medicine that utilizes a patient’s own blood to heal an injury or arthritis related pain. A doctor begins the treatment by drawing blood from the patient, placing the blood sample in a centrifuge to separate out the numerous layers of blood, followed by the doctor administering the patient’s blood into the site of the injury. Because of the regenerative properties found within our own body (blood plasma with concentrated platelets, bioactive proteins, cytokines, and other growth factors that accelerate healing), your blood will begin to rebuild bone and soft tissue.

Unlike knee surgery, both of these treatments will allow you to continue your daily activities. PRP and BMC injections, while causing minor soreness at the site of injection, will heal your body over the course of 1-3 months. This is remarkably faster and less painful than the surgical alternative, which forces patients to heal from the surgical process and then undergo the rigors of physical therapy. The truth is, it is always best not to subject your body to surgery unless it is an absolute necessity.

Are The Alternatives to Knee Surgery Right For Me?

There are a variety of conditions that PRP and BMC injections may help alleviate. If you suffer from one of the following, PRP or BMC may be for you:

If you are contemplating knee surgery, but you would like an evaluation and second opinion please contact us at 201-719-0001. There is the potential that non-surgical alternatives can heal your condition. Our conveniently located clinics can be found in West OrangeAberdeenClifton, and Lyndhurst.

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