Hip Arthroscopy Evaluation and Alternatives

Hip arthroscopy is a form of surgery done by making small cuts around the hip and looking inside using a tiny camera. Other medical instruments may be used to examine and treat the hip joint.

An arthroscope is made up of a tiny tube, lens, and light source. The surgeon uses it to look inside the hip joint for damage or disease. If needed, the surgeon may treat or fix certain problems that exist. For example, they may fix damaged tissue or cartilage.

In most cases, spinal, epidural, or general anesthesia is used. Pain medication may also help.

Why Hip Arthroscopy is Performed:

The most common reasons for hip arthroscopy are:

  • Remove small pieces of bone or cartilage that may be loose inside the hip joint
  • Repair a tear in the cartilage (a torn labrum)

Less common reasons for hip arthroscopy are:

  • Hip pain that does not go away
  • Hip impingement syndrome

Regenerative Medicine as an Alternative:

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is an injectable concentrate.  PRP is made of blood platelets and growth factors. They are drawn from your own blood, so this treatment is fairly unique. The treatment is an outpatient minimally invasive alternative to hip arthroscopy.

PRP is a viable alternative for hip pain. This injection is capable of repairing body tissues including tendons, ligament, and cartilage. Hip Arthroscopy

Platelet-Rich Plasma initiates the body’s response to an injury. By stimulating platelet activation, the injection helps boost repair and recovery. It plays a dynamic role in soft tissue healing.

In hip osteoarthritis, PRP can enhance the body’s normal healing response in an acute manner for a chronic condition. New collagen can develop, a benefit that other injections do not boast.

Meanwhile, Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC) is a stem cell treatment that is similar to PRP.

BMC uses the patient’s own adult stem cells. The hip bone is particularly rich in “pluripotent” stem cells. Due to this, the doctor draws a sample from the hip bone. The sample is used in conjunction with a centrifuge, which creates a powerful concentrate.

The doctor then injects the stem cells into the injured area to stimulate growth.

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