New Jersey PRP Treatment

New Jersey PRP Treatment | walking for chronic pain

Why You Should Use PRP:

Metropolitan Pain Consultants offers the most cutting edge New Jersey PRP treatment available. Unlike pain killers which simply masks pain, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is all encompassing. It works for a variety of injuries and promotes and accelerates our body’s natural healing process.

Whereas surgery causes the patient to leave physical activities for an extended period of time, PRP injections are much faster. Athletes who receive PRP typically return to their sport weeks earlier than those who opt to have traditional procedures.

However, as most people know, the older we get the more prone to injury we become. It also becomes more difficult for our bodies to heal themselves. While young adults and children have a large quantity of stem cells to replace and rejuvenate injured tissue, older adults do not. This number steadily decreases until you are in short supply of regenerative properties.

Part of what makes PRP injection popular in both sports medicine and pain management, is that it can flood an injured site with a large supply of growth factors. These factors stimulate the natural healing process without the need of foreign objects (pain medicines, surgery, and other types of “shots”).

How is PRP Therapy Performed?

Both of our regenerative medicine treatments are extremely convenient and nonsurgical.

At Metropolitan Pain Consultants, one of our medical professionals draws a sample of the patient’s blood. Following this, your specialist places the sample in a centrifuge to separate the PRP from the rest of the blood.

Using an ultrasound machine for guidance, the doctor injects the PRP sample into the area of injury.

How Many Injections Will I Need?

This is ultimately determined by a few factors: patient history, current health, and the severity of the injury.

Sometimes it is necessary for the patient to receive multiple injections over a few months, but most times 1 to 3 injections suffice.

Are the Effects Immediate?

While PRP is cutting edge and is leading the way in pain management and recovery, sadly it does not work overnight.

Typically, platelet-rich plasma heals the injected area over a span of one to three months. However, these results will vary on a patient-to-patient basis.

Will PRP Heal My Injury?

Patients should consider PRP therapy if they have been diagnosed or experience any of the following:

New Jersey PRP Treatment:

If you are searching for a New Jersey PRP doctor, Metropolitan Pain Consultants is here for you. With three locations and three pain specialists, we treat a number of patients throughout the tri-state area.

Call us today at 201-729-0001 to schedule a consultation and evaluation. Our New Jersey PRP treatment may be just what you need to start living a pain free lifestyle.

Our staff at Metropolitan Pain Consultants looks forward to hearing from you and discussing regenerative medicine with you. We offer weekday and weekend appointments. Our conveniently located clinics can be found in West OrangeAberdeenClifton, and Lyndhurst.

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