Manage Back Pain With These 7 New Apps

manage back pain

Manage Back Pain

Your smart phone provides many built-in features to help manage your health and well being. Managing chronic back pain includes being mindful and informed of factors like posture. Getting daily reminders for stretches and exercises and detailed tracking of your results can also be helpful. Fortunately, almost daily there are new apps released that can help you create a pain management plan catered to your needs.  Below are 7 new apps available to help manage back pain.

Stretch Away

This app provides the option to view quick relief tips to minimize your back pain while also offering some common causes of low back pain and related hip pain. The app also provides proper stretching techniques while also reminding the user to check their mobility first.


The BackDoctor app gives exercise suggestions based on the user’s fitness level. The app presents a step-by-step demonstrations showing how to safely perform various stretches and strengthening exercises.


This app created by physical therapists will provide the user with the correct exercises and exercise time based on responses to the questions regarding your back pain asked by the app.

PostureScreen Mobile

This app gathers a point-by-point analysis of the user’s posture from various angles. The findings can be sent directly to your doctor, chiropractor, or physical therapist to help customize your back pain treatment plan.

Clinical Pattern Recognition: Low Back Pain

While this app comes with a higher price of $19.99, it provides a variety of beneficial features. It helps to identify pain patterns, recommend therapeutic exercises, and suggests possible pain conditions that may be triggering the user’s discomfort.

SimplyHealth Back Care

This free app can be used to rate the user’s pain level while also helping them to understand it with easy-to-interpret graphics. The app also provides exercise videos.

6 Minute Back Pain Relief

This app provides a research-backed workout program built for people who suffer from back pain or who want to stretch and exercise their back to prevent problems in the future. The exercises and yoga poses featured in this app are highly recommended by leading physiotherapists and are very easy to complete. The exercises do not require any equipment and can be done anywhere.

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