John Terry Undergoes PRP Treatment

PRP Treatment

Chelsea F.C.’s Captain John Terry has begun receiving platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) to speed up the recovery for his Achilles injury, reports Express.

The 35-year-old defender, Terry, has been unable to play in Chelsea’s last two matches, having only recently recovered from a hamstring problem which caused him to sit out for six games

Terry, whose doctors anticipate will be out of the game for another two to three weeks, shared a picture of himself in surgical scrubs on his Instagram account with the caption,”PRP Being injured is the most frustrating thing as a player. Working hard to get back fit.”

What is a PRP Treatment?

Platelet-Rich Plasma PRP treatment is a simple procedure that uses the patient’s own blood for a variety of pain conditions and injuries. Platelet-Rich Plasma is blood plasma with concentrated platelets, bioactive proteins, cytokines, and other growth factors that accelerate the healing process of bone and soft tissue. The various growth factors in platelet-rich plasma send signals to the body to initiate growth and stem cell repair in the area of injury.

A PRP treatment can be effective in treating pain caused by muscle sprains and tears, ligament injuries, tendonitis and many more pain conditions. Through utilizing the patient’s own blood, platelet-rich plasma increases the regeneration process up to eight times more than normal because of the high concentration of platelets and growth factors. As a result, plasma therapy can alleviate pain temporarily and impede inflammation.  Typically, patients find that platelet-rich plasma heals the injected area over a span of one to three months’ time.

The experienced physicians of Metropolitan Pain Consultants have been successfully using PRP to treat pain caused by arthritis in joints, tendonitis, muscle sprains and tears, ligament injuries, and other pain conditions.

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