Dr. Richard Kang – New Jersey’s Interventional Orthopedics Leader

Richard Kang, MD | Interventional Orthopedics Leader
We are extremely proud to announce that Dr. Richard Kang is now a member of the Interventional Orthopedics Foundation (IOF). As a facility, Metropolitan Pain Consultants continues to make great strides in non-surgical orthopedic medicine. We take great pride in our reputation as New Jersey’s interventional orthopedics leader.

The Growing Interventional Orthopedics Community:

Membership in this exclusive foundation means that we are committed to the continued growth of interventional orthopedics. Our community focuses on developing technologies that utilize needle based procedures performed with sophisticated guidance techniques.

If you follow our blog or are familiar with our practice, we’ve been preaching the benefits of needle based procedures for a long time. By offering treatments such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell (bone marrow concentrate) injections we stay on the cutting edge of medical technology.

Needle based procedures aim to replace the need for more invasive and traditional orthopedic surgery. As a member of the Interventional Orthopedics Foundation, Dr. Kang proves that continuing his education is vital to offering patients the best treatments possible. In doing so, Dr. Kang ensures that Metropolitan Pain Consultants gains the latest information about these powerful treatment options, supports growing research, and is taking part in the advocacy of non-surgical orthopedic medicines.

Advancing Our Treatment Options:

Besides offering state of the art PRP and Stem Cell injections, Dr. Kang, Dr. Desai, and Dr. Sharma have cultivated a strong reputation as leaders in the following categories:

The IOF was founded on the belief that the future of medicine is regenerative and here at Metropolitan Pain Consultants, we agree. Part of the reason that we joined the IOF is that we strongly feel sports medicine (both youth and adult) can benefit from regenerative treatment types. However, don’t just take our word for it. Superstar athletes from every major sport has undergone some form of regenerative medicine:

Regenerative medicine is growing rapidly and in the next 25 years, it’s believed that invasive orthopedic surgeries will be unnecessary for many patients. This means that if your child is injured while playing sports, they can be back on field or court without the need for surgery.

Choosing Regenerative Medicine:

Our physicians feel it is essential to provide education and generate overall awareness about the ground breaking specialty of interventional orthopedics. That is why we have continued to provide both physicians and the general public with information regarding regenerative medicine.

By supporting the education of physicians and the general public, it is our hope that unnecessary surgical producers can be avoided. It is agreed upon that when surgery can be avoided it is best to try alternative treatments. For further information regarding regenerative medicine, please read the following posts on the subject:

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Proud Member of the Interventional Orthopedics Foundation
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