Neck Pain

Man with Neck PainNeck pain is something most of us experience in our lifetime. Pain is so common that the American Osteopathic Association reports that 41% of American’s believe that chronic neck pain is normal.

There are many different causes and factors that accompany neck pain and while everyone is susceptible to it, women are more likely to experience neck pain than men.

Why Your Neck May Hurt:

A number of muscle groups align and connect with the neck. If one of these groups is injured, neck pain may occur.

Shoulder Tension:

The muscles that support the neck extend into the shoulders, therefore shoulder pain may accompany neck pain.

If you are experiencing shoulder pain, you could be compensating by using your neck muscles more. Instead of ignoring the lingering shoulder condition, you should seek out a medical professional.

Back Pain:

It is very common to experience back and neck pain at the same time. For example, we recently ran an article on 5 ways to reduce desk-related back pain. While the primary focus was on the back, each tip that we shared could also improve overall neck health.

The cervical spine supports the neck. The two connect at the spinal column at the base of the skull. Seven bony vertebrae with discs lie between them, connected by ligaments and muscles. If one of these muscles or ligaments experience tension, the rest do as well.

Something as simple as walking improperly may cause additional stress on the back and neck.

Correct Walking Posture

Correct versus Incorrect Walking Posture

Muscle Strain:

A number of factors may cause neck pain. Injury or trauma may have occurred, congenital abnormalities is a possibility, tumors, or degenerative changes.

However, we’ve noticed that the most frequent cause of pain is poor posture. Walking, sitting too long, reading a book, or staring into a microscope all causes unnecessary stress on the neck. The key is to figure out the correct posture and utilize it daily.

Torticollis is a medical condition in which you are unable to move or rotate your neck fully because of pain. It is often caused by muscular strain or contraction.

If you are experiencing changes in sensation in your shoulders or upper extremities, or weakness, you may have a pinched nerve. In these cases, you should see your doctor today.

Neck pain can be acute or may develop into a chronic condition that impacts your quality of life. Many options are available, and early treatment will usually be successful in preventing secondary damage to the muscles and spine.

Regenerative Medicine for Neck Pain:

While conservative measures may help with the some pain, when ice and heat is not enough you should seek a medical opinion. At Metropolitan Pain Consultants we offer two forms of regenerative medicine.

Modern research shows that Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC) treatments are the future of pain management.

With relatively no side effects or risks, these outpatient nonsurgical ventures help with neck pain. Furthermore, both treatments use the patient’s own blood or stem cells to heal an injured area.

When compared to surgery, PRP and BMC are quick and allow the patient to return to work and activities almost immediately.

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