Epidural Blood Patch

The purpose of an epidural blood patch is to repair a leak in the dura, which is one of the layers that protect the spinal cord and cerebrospinal fluid. Severe and prolonged post-dural puncture headaches usually resolve immediately with an epidural blood patch. Some patients, after a spinal injection or spinal tap, develop a headache with pain ranging from moderate to incapacitating. The medical term for this type of headache is post-dural puncture headache. This headache is characterized by pain relief when lying down and the return of pain when standing or sitting upright. Although the headache may resolve in a week or less, a small percent linger for weeks or months. It is a rare when a blood patch does not end the post-dural puncture headache. Should that occur, the epidural blood patch may be repeated or the diagnosis of post-dural puncture headache questioned.

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